Blues In A Funk

Strip Club Up The Street:

With 10 games left before the end of the season, the St. Louis Blues are in a funk now. Not a good funk, a losing funk. The Blues are currently in a four game losing streak. Plus they are 2-6-2 in their last 10 games. The goal scoring has dried up. Their defensive play is suspect at best. No matter which goalie is in, they still are digging the puck out from behind them. Yes, injuries have played a part. But you can not just say, oh the team is playing hurt. Every team is playing hurt. Maybe the honeymoon for the coach is officially over.

So we asked GM Olsen about this. "Ya, I have been quiet most of the season. I let Roger run the team as he saw fit. He did a great job. But lately he has had a harder time of it. I did send out a few trade offers, but all the teams were asking a premium to a super premium price. I think, my second offers with these teams, I was offering more than a high price. But, non came to fruition. We may have to just pull up our socks and just grit it out. Of the 8 teams making the playoffs in our conference, it looks like we, once again, will have the hardest road to the cup."

The Blues, if they are looking to far ahead, still, could miss the playoffs. But they have a hard road for the rest of the season. No easy games left. So then, I guess, we could say that they are in playoff mode already. With an aging team this year could be their last chance at a run. But players like Sundin and Ronning and Kurri have to score goals. The third and fourth lines plus the defense have to step it up to play better defensive play. The physicality has to get better and Kolzig has to stop digging pucks out of his net. Or they will have a short playoff run, if they make it.

Jock Strapp reporting, TSN, St. Louis


Dr. Olaf and Mr. Kolzig

Well let me tell you a story about a man with a unique split personality. His name is Olaf Kolzig. He plays goalie for the St. Louis Blues. On paper, he is one of the best goalies in the league, for his age group. When this person is Dr. Olaf, he is clinical in his play. He is precise in his play. And there is no one better. When he is Dr. Olaf, he has a save % well over .900. He is unbeatable. Thus he went #1 in the Dispersal Draft. When he is Dr. Olaf, the sun is out, and everyone is singing in the streets.

But then there is the other side of his personality, Mr. Kolzig. Mr. Kolzig does not want to play nice with others. Mr. Kolzig hates playing goal. Mr. Kolzig is just a bad, bad goalie. When Mr. Kolzig goes and plays net, it usually ends up in a loss for the Blues. When he plays, the Blues usually get blown out and Mr. Kolzig usually gets pulled. Because Mr. Kolzig appears, this has brought down Dr. Olaf's work to a measly .863 save %. If it wasn't for the work of Dr. Olaf, Mr. Kolzig would have a higher goals against average than the mediocre .862, that he has now.

So the Blues are wondering, how to eliminate Mr. Kolzig, but keep, Dr. Olaf. The Blues would like to keep the goaltending as clinical as possible. They just never know which clinic will show up. A Stockholm clinic or a Tijuana Clinic.

Jock Strapp reporting, TSN, St. Louis.


Burns hired as Leafs Coach, Leafs snap 5 game skid

Less than 24 hours after removing Jacques Lemaire from his duties, the Toronto Maple Leafs have signed long time rival Pat Burns to become the team's new head coach. "It's an honour to be part of this team and Leafs Nation", Burns exclaimed after Leafs GM Frank Salemi introduced him at a press conference before the Leafs gameday skate. "We got some real talent here and I plan on getting the best out of each player, from the rookies to veterans. We are going to be something special every time we hit the ice. OLD TIME HOCKEY IS BACK IN TORONTO".

GM Salemi also pulled the trigger on a deal with Burns's old team, the St.Louis Blues, that sees:

To St.Louis
G Dominic Roussel
D Dmitri Mironov
Prospect Dmitri Yakushin

To Toronto:
G Trevor Kidd
D Ken Klee

"This deal, done before Pat was hired, helps us with some needs", Salemi explained. "With Trevor(Kidd) comes experience that we need in a backup to Felix. Now Manny(Legace) can head down to the Marlies and work on getting accustomed to the pro level of hockey he will face as the future goalie we believe he will become for us".

The Leafs response to the trade and coaching change..... a hard fought 5-4 home win over the notorious NorthStars of Minnesota.

Asked how he felt about the team's performance, Burns said "It's a good start"