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Last Update on Saturday, May 7 2022
J.J. DaigneaultCanadiensPromote to pro roster
Shane Hnidy, Mike WilsonMapleLeafsPromote to pro roster
Darius Kasparaitis, Johan GarpenlovLightningAssign to minors
German TitovLightningPromote to pro roster
Shjon PodeinWASSuffers chest injury, sidelined day-to-day
Martin StrakaNYRSuffers pulled hamstring, sidelined day-to-day
Ulf SamuelssonSTLSuffers charley horse, sidelined day-to-day
Al IafrateVEGReturns from injury
Greg HawgoodPITReturns from injury
Shayne CorsonPITReturns from injury
Blair AtcheynumBOSReturns from injury
Wade ReddenMONReturns from injury
Sami HeleniusHARReturns from injury
Henrik ZetterbergOTTReturns from injury
Stephane YelleNSHReturns from injury
Ian MoranCanadiensAssign to minors
Len BarrieNordiquesAssign to minors
Dick TarnstromOilersAssign to minors
Paul D Marshall, Paul StantonKnightsAssign to minors
Shawn McEachernNYRSuffers thigh injury, sidelined day-to-day
Martin StrakaNYRReturns from injury
Roberto LuongoPHIReturns from injury
Theo FleuryBUFSuffers spleen injury, sidelined 2-4 months
Valeri BureWINSuffers eye injury, sidelined day-to-day
Jaroslav ModryBOSReturns from injury
Ulf SamuelssonSTLReturns from injury
Mariusz CzerkawskiSabresPromote to pro roster
Scott FraserJetsAssign to minors
Tie DomiJetsPromote to pro roster
Shjon PodeinWASReturns from injury
Michal PivonkaDETSuffers bruised elbow, sidelined day-to-day
Darryl ShannonWINSuffers chest injury, sidelined day-to-day
Tie DomiJetsAssign to minors
Jamie McLennan, Jonathan CheechooJetsPromote to pro roster
Greg de VriesNSHSuffers pulled stomach muscle, sidelined 1-2 weeks
Karl DykhuisVEGSuffers foot injury, sidelined 1-2 weeks
Shawn McEachernNYRReturns from injury
Brian SavageQUESuffers charley horse, sidelined day-to-day
Valeri BureWINReturns from injury
Steven RiceHARSuffers concussion, sidelined 1-2 weeks
Rich PilonTORReturns from injury
Bryan BerardOTTReturns from injury
Darryl ShannonWINReturns from injury
Michal PivonkaDETReturns from injury
Stephane Quintal, Jim CareySabresAssign to minors
Len BarrieNordiquesAssign to minors
Chris HerpergerNordiquesPromote to pro roster
Steve StaiosLightningAssign to minors
Darius KasparaitisLightningPromote to pro roster
Cale HulseNSHSuffers groin injury, sidelined day-to-day
Vladimir MalakhovMINSuffers pulled hamstring, sidelined day-to-day
Murray CravenBUFSuffers herniated disk, sidelined 2-4 weeks
Joe MurphyBUFSuffers facial injury, sidelined day-to-day
Brian SavageQUEReturns from injury
Chris TherienPITSuffers sprained neck, sidelined day-to-day
Al MacInnisBOSSuffers hip injury, sidelined day-to-day
Ed OlczykDETSuffers back injury, sidelined day-to-day
Stephane QuintalSabresAssign to minors
Arron AshamSabresPromote to pro roster
Jamie McLennan, Jonathan Cheechoo, Roger JohanssonJetsAssign to minors
Rob ValicevicPITSuffers broken toe, sidelined day-to-day
Robert ReichelCHISuffers pulled hamstring, sidelined day-to-day
Chris HerpergerNordiquesAssign to minors
Joe MurphyBUFReturns from injury
Steven RiceHARReturns from injury
Ed OlczykDETReturns from injury
Eric LindrosTAMSuffers bruised shoulder, sidelined day-to-day
Alexei ZhitnikTAMSuffers broken elbow, sidelined 2-4 months
Robert LangEDMSuffers back injury, sidelined day-to-day
Cale HulseNSHReturns from injury
Chris TherienPITReturns from injury
Al MacInnisBOSReturns from injury
Vladimir MalakhovMINReturns from injury
Dick TarnstromOilersAssign to minors
Vinny ProspalOilersPromote to pro roster
Eric Daze, Steve StaiosLightningAssign to minors
Marc Savard, Sergey GusevLightningPromote to pro roster
Rob ValicevicPITReturns from injury
Yanic PerreaultOTTSuffers eye injury, sidelined day-to-day
Steve SmithBOSCompletes suspension
Darryl ShannonWINSuffers concussion, sidelined 1-2 weeks
Karl DykhuisVEGReturns from injury
Yan GolubovskyCHISuffers concussion, sidelined day-to-day
Jamie LangenbrunnerSTLSuffers pulled stomach muscle, sidelined 1-2 weeks
Sami HeleniusWhalersAssign to minors
Mike Grier, Dave McLlwain, Bob Joyce, Tommy SoderstromWhalersPromote to pro roster
Niklas Sundstrom, Viacheslav Butsayev, Steve PoapstFlyersAssign to minors
Paul StantonKnightsAssign to minors
Bert RobertssonHARSuffers hip injury, sidelined day-to-day
Patrice BriseboisDETSuffers back injury, sidelined day-to-day
Eric LindrosTAMReturns from injury
Robert ReichelCHIReturns from injury
Jim SandlakTORSuffers groin injury, sidelined day-to-day
Greg de VriesNSHReturns from injury
Nathan Lafayette, Patrick Lebeau, Dave McLlwain, Todd SimpsonWhalersAssign to minors
Sami Helenius, Radek BonkWhalersPromote to pro roster
Wade BelakTORCompletes suspension
Yan GolubovskyCHIReturns from injury
Robert LangEDMReturns from injury
Bert RobertssonHARReturns from injury
Patrice BriseboisDETReturns from injury
Mariusz CzerkawskiSabresAssign to minors
Jamie McLennanJetsPromote to pro roster
Yuri Khymlev, John SlaneyRedWingsAssign to minors
Marc SavardLightningAssign to minors
Mark AstleyHARSuffers facial laceration, sidelined 1-2 weeks
Jay McKeeVANSuffers bruised shoulder, sidelined day-to-day
Yanic PerreaultOTTReturns from injury
Pat LaFontaineNYRSuffers chest injury, sidelined day-to-day
Darryl ShannonWINReturns from injury
Richard SmehlikVEGSuffers broken toe, sidelined day-to-day
Jim SandlakTORReturns from injury
Jamie LangenbrunnerSTLReturns from injury
Bruce RacineBluesPromote to pro roster
Peter BondraBUFSuffers elbow injury, sidelined day-to-day
Glen MurrayCHISuffers broken nose, sidelined day-to-day
Vladimir ChebartukinVEGSuffers hip injury, sidelined 2-4 weeks
Eric BrewerWASSuffers concussion, sidelined day-to-day
Alexei YashinMINSuffers sprained neck, sidelined day-to-day
Kevin HodsonFlyersAssign to minors
Murray CravenBUFReturns from injury
Adam GravesMINSuffers bruised shoulder, sidelined day-to-day
Jamie LangenbrunnerSTLSuffers sprained neck, sidelined day-to-day
Darcy TuckerEDMSuffers chest injury, sidelined day-to-day
Pat LaFontaineNYRReturns from injury
Peter BondraBUFReturns from injury
Glen MurrayCHIReturns from injury
Jay McKeeVANReturns from injury
Alexei YashinMINReturns from injury
Richard SmehlikVEGReturns from injury
Roger JohanssonJetsAssign to minors
Frantisek Kucera, Jann Liuk, Jason WoolleyFlamesAssign to minors
Vinny ProspalOilersAssign to minors
Fernando PisaniOilersPromote to pro roster
Mark AstleyHARReturns from injury
Jason YorkWASSuffers bruised elbow, sidelined day-to-day
Eric BrewerWASReturns from injury
Kelly BuchbergerQUESuffers fractured wrist, sidelined 1-2 weeks
Jamie LangenbrunnerSTLReturns from injury
Jamie McLennanJetsAssign to minors
Mattias NorstromDevilsPromote to pro roster
Alex TanguayVEGSuffers wrist injury, sidelined 1-2 weeks
Roman HamrlikEDMSuffers foot injury, sidelined day-to-day
Darcy TuckerEDMReturns from injury
Adam GravesMINReturns from injury
Dave ScatchardHARSuffers facial injury, sidelined 1-2 weeks
Mike Grier, Mark Astley, Bob JoyceWhalersAssign to minors
Nathan Lafayette, Rob CimettaWhalersPromote to pro roster
Len BarrieNordiquesAssign to minors
Chris HerpergerNordiquesPromote to pro roster
Yan KaminskyNorthStarsAssign to minors
Paul DiPietro, Brett HauerNorthStarsPromote to pro roster
Trevor HalversonKnightsAssign to minors
Tim SweeneyKnightsPromote to pro roster
Jason SoulesBOSSuffers concussion, sidelined day-to-day
Matt CullenBOSSuffers facial injury, sidelined day-to-day
Pavel DatsyukOTTSuffers bruised knee, sidelined day-to-day
Cam NeelyBUFSuffers bruised heel, sidelined day-to-day
Jason YorkWASReturns from injury
Roman HamrlikEDMReturns from injury
Dick TarnstromOilersAssign to minors
Mattias NorstromDevilsAssign to minors
Cam NeelyBUFReturns from injury
Matt CullenBOSReturns from injury
Mariusz Czerkawski, Craig Mills, Jim CareySabresPromote to pro roster
Radim BicanekSTLSuffers bruised shoulder, sidelined day-to-day
Kelly BuchbergerQUEReturns from injury
Bert RobertssonHARSuffers eye injury, sidelined day-to-day
Pavel DatsyukOTTReturns from injury
Dave ScatchardHARReturns from injury
Robert SvehlaVEGSuffers wrist injury, sidelined day-to-day
Al IafrateVEGSuffers pulled hamstring, sidelined day-to-day
Jason SoulesBOSReturns from injury
Bert RobertssonHARReturns from injury