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Table of Contents:

-Sim Settings


-UFA Age

-Re-Sign Tokens

-Salary Chart

-Waiver Claims


-Player Position Changes

-Arena Seating

-Prospect Leage


Sim Settings:

Shots - 10/10

Goals - 9/10

PIMs/Susp - 5/10

Finances - 6/10

Injuries - 3/10



-Ticket Prices: are managed by the league and cannot be requested to be changed.

-There are NO salary caps (minimum or maximum) in the league, however:

teams under $25 million pro payroll will be subject to a lowered ticket price if their team funds are $10 Million or more.


-Negative Funds

Teams must maintain good finances.

If a team has a projected negative balance then they will be blocked from making any trades that add more salary. 

If a team reaches a negative balance then the league may waive players or release players to reduce Pro payroll.

UFA Age:

Players age 1 year at the end of season when re-rates are done.

Players that turn 28 and up at the end of the season/re-rates are considered UFA. 


Re-Sign Tokens:  Every team gets TWO re-sign tokens at the beginning of each regular season.  (A 1 year re-sign and a 3 year re-sign).  They CAN be traded to another team.  You can carry over ONE re-sign token to the following season.  You can also combine them to re-sign one of your players to a 4 year deal. 

All token re-signs are based on player OV. 

Player OV Salary Chart​ (a players BASE salary based on OV) 

league minimum = $500K

75-79 = $500-900K

80 - $1.00

81 - $1.25

82 - $1.50

83 - $1.75

84 - $2.00

85 - $2.50

86 - $3.0

87 - $4.0

88 - $5.0

89 - $5.5

90 - $6.0



Each team must dress 20 players for every game (18 skaters and 2 goalies)

The standard line-ups are: 12F/6D with all forwards assigned to one of four even strength lines and 2 defenceman double-shifting on the 4th even strength line. 

You can also use 11F/7D and 10F/8D provided any double shifted players have their second shift on the 4th line only. 

During the playoffs - teams are allowed to have ONE dressed player that can be totally benched or a PP/PK specialist only.  In other words, you can double-shift a forward on the 4th line without having to dress and assign a 7th defenceman.  


Player Position Changes:

See the following forum link:


Arena Seating Additions

Arena seating is between 17,000-18,000

Teams can add seats in the off-season with a cost as follows:

250 seats = $25,000,000


Prospect League:

The main resource league for the Retro Entry Draft.   Players from the corresponding annual NHL Entry Draft are created and placed in the Prospect League for Retro team drafting.   

-Farm streaks are ON in the Prospect league, so players are eligible to receive mid-season changes to their skills/OV if they are on the farm team of their prospect team.